Millions of people feel the negative effects of stress on a daily basis. Generally when we feel overwhelmed or overloaded with tasks, we use the term ‘stress’. Stress is essentially the feeling of pressure. Anything that poses a challenge or a threat to our wellbeing is a stress. The term ‘Stressors’ are agents or catalysts that cause the stress to occur. Symptoms usually include: rise in blood pressure, rapid breathing, rise in heart rate, muscle tension, anxiety amongst others.

Stress is somewhat normal, and at times can be proven helpful. It can motivate you to do your best and increase your productivity and concentration under pressure. However, although we all have suffered from it at one point or another, it should in no way or form be used as an excuse for physically debilitation.

Living with physical impairment due to stress, is a CHOICE. There are simple methods chiropractors do that can help these stress factors slowly eliminate themselves from your life.