Ear Infections and Chiropractic Care

Ear infections can be extremely painful and often impact younger children. With an upset child there’s only so much you can do to console them and make them as comfortable as possible. Ear infections are usually treated in a few different ways. Drops are available over the counter but often don’t require enough power to treat the infection. In this case, many parents seek out a primary care doctor who then prescribes antibiotics. Even more drastic measures than an antibiotic can be taken to solve the ear infection problem in a young child. There’s a surgery available that inserts tubes in the ear. This is risk for numerous reasons and often makes a child more prone for an infection.

Get in on the Secret Parents Rave About… Chiropractic.

TRUTH: Our bodies are more prone to infection when nerves are misaligned and our nervous system isn’t operating properly.

FACT: Our bodies are designed to fight off infections and when something goes wrong it most likely means there’s an underlying problem.

REALITY: Dangerous surgeries and constant rounds of antibiotics are not the solution. Chiropractic can change a child’s life