Bed Wetting and Chiropractic Care

Bed wetting is an embarrassing and sensitive topic to address with anyone suffering from the problem. Children and pre-teens are the most common group to have issues with bed wetting and growing up with the fear of having an accident at a sleepover or the inconvenience and uncomfortable qualities of diapers or plastic mattress covers. The stress alone can cause health concerns! With age, bed wetting usually goes away by itself, but there are strategies that can be introduced earlier within a child’s life.

Address the Problem Sooner Than Later. The percentage of children who suffer from bed wetting problems is greater when they’re 6 years of age or younger. By age 10, the percentage of those still suffering goes from 13% down to the low of 5%.

Why wait such a significant amount of time? Chiropractic care isn’t an end all solution for the treatment of bed wetting; but can work with the muscles that work to empty the bladder.