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June 18th 6:30PM

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This is an event that we welcome the community to join C.A.F.E. of Life and Doctor Di Carlo while we treat everyone to a great dinner. While you eat, we share our message of hope and healing the natural way to educate guests about health and healing and all great things that are happening in our office.

Dinner with the Doc CAFE of Life

Meet the Doctor

Doctor Alfonso Di Carlo is the founder of C.A.F.E of Life Chiropractic, Inc. where he dedicates his life to humanity and is committed to enlightening people on how to utilize the inherent recuperative powers of their bodies to heal by explaining a 100 year old wellness secret – removing subluxations.

After receiving an Exercise and Sports Science degree from Penn State University, he graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University while also working as a Senior Assistant in the largest chiropractic clinic in the world. Dr. Di Carlo received an excellence award from The Family Practice and is involved with The International Chiropractors  Association, World Chiropractic Alliance and is a graduate of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. Dr. Di Carlo’s headquarters are located in Allentown, Pa where he also hosts the worldwide Kids Day.

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